14 August 2008

And that's when it hit me...

As you probably know, Freedom Christian spent last week in the San Jose area of Costa Rica ministering to neighboring areas. It was my very first missions trip and I was part of the Evangelism team that performed childrens programs in local schools and basically did anything else that we were called on to do.

Here's me with a few of the kids I met. (Please don't make fun of my hair. It was very rainy and humid down there near the equator.)

We chatted. They asked questions about the United States, how old I was, etc. I met one little girl that tugged at my heartstrings. Her name is Melany. Here we are in a self-portrait.

And that was pretty much it...until one of the boys asked to see pictures of my family. So, I pulled out my camera and started scrolling through the pictures I had saved on my memory card. I came to some pictures of Kayla and Aaron doing yardwork in front of our house.

As I stopped on one photo that showed my front porch and yard, I heard an audible gasp escape from the lips of several of the children. "Is that your house?!" one of them asked in disbelief.
"Yes, it is," I replied quietly.

"Its so big!! Its beautiful!" came the excited cries from the small group. "Show us more!"

My house is a barely 1100 square foot ranch in Warren. Average? Yes. Beautiful? Maybe cute. Big? Not by American standards.

As I thought back to the day before, when we walked through a neighborhood near the church we'd partnered with, I choked back tears of shame and gained perspective.

Those Costa Rican children with their bright eyes and happy smiles taught me a huge lesson that day. I've heard it said, "Be content in the circumstances you are in, because there's always someone else who is worse off than you."

That seems like such a trite platitude now. The children taught me something different about being more than content. And I'm not even sure how to put it into words because it touched me so deep. I'm just so much more grateful for the littlest things now. Thanks to the kids...

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L0r@ said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had a good trip! :)