19 August 2008

I am so tired of snot and exploding baby butts...

It seems like we can't go more than three weeks without Kayla or the "substantial child" getting a runny nose or "other issues." (I'm pretty sure the "other issues" with Karis are teething-related. Ugh. But she always manages to load up and ruin an outfit just as we're getting ready to leave the house.)

And the pediatrician seems to think Kayla's problems stem from allergies--which I tend to agree with because I have really bad summer allergies also. But every time she has a bad allergy week it ends up turning into a sinus infection because she hates blowing her nose--and with her excessive noseblowing generally results in really awful bloody noses. (Bloody noses scare me. I've watched too much Sci-Fi where bloody noses are one of the symptoms of alien abduction. Ha! Please. If Kayla had been abducted by aliens, I definitely would've heard an exact play-by-play by now. "And, Mommy...there was this bright light in my room. At first I thought it was Queen Genevieve coming home from the ball! But it wasn't...it was this little green guy. And he took me on his spaceship which actually is kind of like the carriage Cinderella rides in, only bigger....").

I'm thinking we need to get our air ducts in our house professionally cleaned since we've not had that done once in the five years we've lived here. Nasty. Maybe that will help with some of the sickness issues.

Aren't you glad you visited my blog today?

Oh, and I don't actually believe in alien abduction. I just sometimes write whatever comes into my head--unfortunately for you.


Lois said...

Yes, I'm very glad I visited your blog today!! It made me smile, as I sit here on a Florida "snow day" waiting for the winds of Hurricane Fay or Tropical Storm Fay (whatever they want to call her)to settle as she crawls her way out of the state. We've had 2 "snow days"...except it's rain and wind instead of snow....can't go out sledding.... (but Shawn said he was going to go skim boarding in the big puddles!!) Keep blogging...it helps with sanity issues!! :-) Love you! Lois

L0r@ said...

Allergies are of the devil (read: de-veal).

scraps_n_stuff said...

hey jaime, i just stumbled upon your blog, it was the title that got me (is this lady peeking in my window right now blogging about me?)! good to see you and the growing family are doing well. tell aaron i said hi.