11 August 2008

My 11,680th Day on Planet Earth...Give or take a few calculating for leap years...which I didn't.

Today is my birthday and apparently the internet has decided to give me the gift of miraculous self-healing.

For the past two weeks, my internet connection has been down and I tried everything I knew how to do to fix it--you know, resetting the modem, wiggling the ethernet cable, pulling the circuit breaker to reboot my whole house. But we didn't call the WOW guy because we were running out of time, what with leaving the country and all.

But lo and behold, today, I'm able to log on with no problems. Weird.

So, those two circumstances (internet nonsense and lack of being in the U.S.) have been my reasons for blogging scarcity. Although, I did act as a contributing writer to a few of the Freedom Christian Costa Rica blog entries.

And yes, I am 11,680 days old AND a pastor's wife and this was my very first Missions Trip -- ever. It was amazing. I am so glad I went. I have some things I want to talk about in regards to the trip, but nap time (Karis's, not mine--I may be a mom, but I'm not that good at multitasking. I wish) is coming to a close, so I'll do that later this week. I promise. Providing the magical internet fairies still find it desirable for me to have access.

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