08 September 2008

Last week seems like such a long time ago...

Kayla started preschool last Wednesday. Aaron and I dropped her off in the morning (I held it together way better than he did -- it was awesome) and then had to catch a plane headed for hurricane ridden Florida for a Speed the Light Summit.

For the three days we were gone, my parents kept Kayla and my in-laws kept Karis. When it comes to my daughters we employ the "divide and conquer" method of recruiting babysitters so that our babysitters still love us and our children when its all said and done. And we want to make sure that we'll be able to count on those sitters in the future.
Anyway, I have to admit that I was a little bummed that I had to be out of state for Kayla's first few days of school. But she did great and our little trip was fabulous, sunny and hot.

When we arrived home late Friday night, we hit the ground running and haven't stopped since.
So, this nice little internet interlude is fantastically mind-numbing.

Guess what Kayla learned in school today? How to argue and talk sassy to me all day long! Its been great!

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Becky Kennedy said...

Didn't you read that chapter in the Parenting for Dummies manual? When you leave them with a trusted and beloved relative before they are 12 they will test you with attitude when you get home. :0)

I have a story about this one too.
Hope you are enjoying a rainy Saturday with your wonderful family today!! Love, Becky