22 September 2008

Today I am grateful for...

In Aaron's message yesterday, he encouraged us to keep a journal of things we're thankful for. I've decided to keep my "gratitude journal" online.

I am grateful to the Lord for:

1. 70+ degree weather at the end of September (wasn't too grateful for it last year when I was 8 months pregnant and had outgrown all my summery maternity clothes--only things that fit were Aaron's mesh basketball shorts and his XXL T-Shirts).

2. That the gallbladder attack that crippled me last week will not require surgery and can be managed by diet and ibuprofen--and that is was ONLY my gallbladder and not liver cancer, as WebMD led my husband to believe.

3. The gigantic, delicious, juicy peach from Produce Palace that I just devoured.

4. And that my mom's bone marrow biopsy results indicate that she can probably hold off on starting chemo for a few months...

Have a great (ful) day!

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