23 October 2008

The difference between my first born and my youngest...

Last week, I took the girls to Dollar General so Kayla could pick out some items to fill her shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.

During the trip, we found a little baby doll and put it in the basket. Upon seeing it Karis threw a hissy fit because she instantly fell in love with it--which really surprised me because so far in the first eleven and a half months of her life she has done nothing that one could ascribe the word "girly" to. So I figured since the dolls were only a dollar, I'd buy her one.

She cradled, snuggled and sucked on that doll's head all day long. How precious, right?

Well, at the end of the day, I came into the room to discover a horrific display. She had managed to decapitate the doll. The disembodied head laid next to its now lifeless body--stuffing strewn everyway.

Apparently, I'm raising a homicidal maniac.

But never fear, the next day, the girls and I were spending some time in the basement. Kayla opened her tub o' plastic dinosaurs and began playing with a large Brachiosaurus.

A few moments later she plopped it down on the desk in front of me.

It was wearing a doll dress.


Netta said...

So funny! It's so true, huh? Every child is TOTALLY different!
(oh, and we just recently saw the
"booby" episode of Little Einsteins! I thought of you!
Happy Week!

jason said...

I love the dinosaur in a dress. Excellent.