14 October 2008

We're going on a mission, start the countdown...

Kayla loves the Little Einsteins and enjoys watching it at 8:00 a.m. each weekday morning.

And while this is a terrific show with its classical music and artwork, I am continually confounded by one thing. The writers of the show -- either inadvertantly or totally intentionally -- insist on using the word "booby" in various episodes.

We've watched an episode where a blue-footed booby (a bird) learns ballet. And today, we watched an episode in which the Little Einsteins attempt to avoid booby traps (hatches that open in the floor) in an old castle.

Kayla said to me, "Mommy, they're called "booby traps" because there are boobies in the bottom of the pits."

C'mom. The writers at Disney have to know that preschoolers are delighted by things like that and the inevitable conversations that will take place as a result. Seriously folks. Foresight. Its a beautiful thing.


My world ended today.

Karis has officially learned to crawl. I say "officially" because for about two months now she's managed to transport herself by rolling around and/or grabbing on to furniture and pulling herself to the desired locations. Or pushing herself backwards on all fours. Brilliant.

My children are crawling impaired. Kayla NEVER did it. She simply scooted herself around on her behind while sitting upright.

Anway, Karis was motivated to actually crawl because she noticed her sister's bedroom and all the items within that could potentially kill her. So of course, she popped up on all fours and bolted full speed into Kayla's room.

Let the end begin.


My radio silence as of late has been due to my mother's hospitalization. Long story made short: Her lymph nodes were pressing on most of the organs in her thorax. Fluid collecting around her lungs required a chest tube and a pleural vac for several days. And then chemotherapy.

She's responding well and will probably be going home in the next few days.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!


Netta said...

Jaime, I'm praying for your Mom!

and it's hilarious to hear your comments about the tv show.
Nothing cracks up my boys like throwing the word "poopy" into ANY given sentence! (then I crack myself up, too!... it's funny!)

ninabunk said...

ok so i tried to leave you a comment like a week ago when you actually posted this!! i totally agree with you and thought of the exact same thing!!