05 November 2008


I haven't been feeling particularly bloggity lately. I've got a lot weighing heavily on my mind and heart and I don't feel like bringing folks down.

And my kids haven't been particularly funny or entertaining lately. In fact, they're kind of driving me nuts-I'm sure that has to do with my own personal mental state rather than their actual level of annoyingness (not a word, yes, I know).

Karis, however, did turn one over the weekend. That was pretty crazy. I was yet again reminded that I hate having birthday parties for children at my home. I don't know why I submit myself to that kind of torture.

And Kayla has her preschool Parent/Teacher conference on Friday, so I'll find out if she actually is a genius or if I've been fooling myself for the past four and a half years. I have a feeling her teacher is going to tell me that Kayla is rather excitable and has difficulty listening at times.

Oh, and my mom's new doctor looks kind of like Billy Bob Thornton. That's always awesome.

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L0r@ said...

Bloggity is my favorite new words. It does, however, remind me of boogity, and that reminds me of Mr. Boogity. Boogity Boogity Boo!

:) I told Jason that in the movie of our lives, we'll just HAVE to get Billy Bob to play your mom's doctor. Start thinking about who you want to play you. ;)