18 November 2008

So far today, I've enjoyed...

1. This quote from Dan B. Allender in my devotional:

"Our perspective is usually limited to achieving a better life, and His desire for us is radical conformity to His Son's perfect character. No wonder He seems like an enemy when His discipline begins to grind off our arrogance in order to perfect His beauty."

2. Glancing over at my Willow Tree Nativity Set, while somewhat creepy in its own right due to the facelessness of the people, and noticing that it was made even creepier by the fact that the shepherd was standing entirely too awkwardly close to the holy family as they gazed at the Christ child. Apparently my ancient Jewish shepherd has no regard for today's American standard of the "personal space comfort zone."

3. The silence. The two most talkative members of my household went out for breakfast and to run errands this morning. Glorious.

Gotta run. I can hear Karis chucking pacifiers out of her crib. Commence shrieking in 10...9...8...


Mary Beth said...

Great quote.

I want a Willow Tree Nativity to add to my collection of Nativities from around the world... most of which are faceless!

Enjoy your silence... it will soon end as soon as the chatterbox twins come in the door.

Netta said...

WOW... the quote... so good. Sounds like what God is saying to me lately.