26 November 2008


I guess it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a “thankfulness” entry. So, here it is--a day early because I'll be eating Stove Top with the in-laws tomorrow.

Do I take for granted how blessed I truly am? Yes, I do. Do I complain way more than I should? Affirmative.

So, here’s a little list of things I’m thankful for in order to remind me to stop being such an ungrateful spoiled brat! ☺

1. A wonderful husband who notices when things need to be done around the house—often before I do.
2. Two beautiful, healthy daughters who amaze me on a daily basis.
3. A family (parents, in-laws, siblings and siblings-in-law, etc.) that I can honestly say that I’d want in my life even if the circumstances of birth and marriage had not forced them into my life. ☺
4. The roof over my head and money to pay for it.
5. A fabulous church family to serve.
6. A full bag of Costa Rican coffee that had been hiding in my pantry long after I thought I’d consumed the last little bit.
7. My weekly after-8:00 p.m. buddies: Jack Bauer, Hiro Yakamura, Dr. Walter Bishop and Dr. Jacob Hood. (Hmmm…maybe I watch a bit too much T.V.)
8. Kayla playing with her dinosaurs (“Sometimes, when one doesn’t listen to what I say, I have to bite his head,” said the T-Rex.)
9. Karis concluding her teething battle (6 at once, folks.)

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Netta said...

Hope your holiday was nice!