15 November 2008

Well, at least I amuse myself...

Yesterday, while waiting outside of Kayla's school for the hounds...I mean preschoolers...to be released, I glanced across the street.

On the other side of the street sits St. John Macomb Hospital. This hospital has a no-smoking policy for the entire campus. So if any employee desires to light up, he or she must leave the premises. At any given time, there are 3-5 hospital employees congregated on the sidewalk outside the hospital enjoying their nicotine fixes.

Yesterday, the woman standing on the sidewalk smoking, looked JUST like my mother. And I laughed a lot because A) she hasn't touched a cigarette in over 25 years and B) her oncologist has strongly suggested she avoid the habit.

So, I immediately picked up my cell and dialed my mother's home phone number, knowing full well that she wouldn't be home. When I got the answering machine, I said:

"Hey...its just your daughter. I see you're not home right now and I know exactly why. Because I'm currently watching you smoke a cigarette outside of St. John Macomb. Busted. Talk to you later."

She found my message remotely amusing. But not nearly as funny as I did.

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Netta said...

I'm laughing, too!