02 December 2008


I love how The Message paraphrases the Angel Gabriel’s greeting to Mary in Luke 1:26-28:

“Good morning!
You’re beautiful with God’s beauty,
Beautiful inside and out!
God be with you!”

What’s “God’s beauty” like? I think it’s like a million starts lighting up the sky on a clear summer night. Or a sunset streaked with radiant pinks and purples. Or my oldest daughter’s facial profile and the perfect slope of nose. Or the deep brown of my youngest daughter’s eyes framed by her long, dark lashes.

That’s what I think God’s beauty is like.

Each time I read that a small smile curls my lips and my heart skips like a playful, little girl. My day is a little brighter because I imagine God saying that to me.

Lately, I’ve really been struggling with lack of motivation and unproductiveness. It starts with the sluggishness of the morning and seeps into every part of the day. One could make the claim that I am not a morning person. (Understatement of the year).

So, I’ll be placing a copy of that verse in a small photo frame and setting it on my bathroom counter, where I’ll be sure to see it first thing in the mourning (yes, I spelled it “mourning” – because, as my mother-in-law says, that part of the day is so sad).

I'm looking forward to beginning each semi-conscious, mascara-smeared, bed-headed, sheet-marked-face, froggy-jammied morning hearing God say, “Good morning! You’re beautiful with my beauty. Beautiful inside and out! I’m with you today!”


Mary Beth said...

Truly, beautiful words, Jaime. It is also my favorite interpretation of this passage.\

Thanks for reminding me of God's thoughts towards me in the 'mourning."

Treasure Seeker said...

i need that framed in a poster on my ceiling!

like that Word....
found you from MaryBeth....

great post