20 December 2008

Keeping Secrets

Its completely unrealistic to expect a 4-year-old to keep Christmas secrets. She's trying manage hiding from Daddy what we got him and hiding from me what they bought for me as well as keeping the sister's, grandparents', uncles' and cousins' gifts on the DL as well... Poor child.

Well, the house of cards all fell apart on Thursday as the girls and I were at Target finishing up some stocking stuffer shopping and looking for a birthday gift for a friend of mine.

We ventured down the scrapbooking supply aisle and Kayla said, "Mommy, why are we down here? Did you want to get something else that you didn't get already?"

I smiled, raised one eyebrow and suspiciously asked, "Already got for what?"

"Oh, never mind. I can't tell you."

My internal Christmas Gift Peeker that has been suppressed for 10 years was so excited. For the first time in a decade I finally know in advance at least one of my gifts (well two, because I picked the other one out because Aaron was thoroughly exasperated).

And then my Christmas miracle continued after we arrived home. She was helping me unpack our bags and pulled out the little Burt's Bee's gift bag for my friend. She then declared, "You didn't need to get one of these. You're getting one in a different color."

Again, smiling suspiciously I said, "For what?"

"Oh, never mind. I can't tell you."

When I told Aaron about the unraveling of things hidden, he was a little disgusted, so he had a chat with her later. And the best part is that Kayla truly believes that she didn't spill the beans and firmly holds to the idea that she covered her tracks with "Oh-never-mind-I can't-tell-you" and that I have no idea what I'm getting.

Can I just say that I am so delighted that she cannot keep a secret because this Christmas-Gift-Peeking-Itch that I've had for 10 years is finally getting scratched. From the time I was eight until I moved out of the house at 21, I knew every gift that my parents were giving me for Christmas (I have a valid reason for this--aside from the fact that I am a horrible human being. I'll tell you some time). Then I got married at 23 and Aaron made me swear on my wedding vows that I would not peek.

Ten years folks. That's a long time.

Thank you, Jesus, for my talkative little preschooler who can't keep her mouth shut.


IssaBeth said...

I am terrible about this too. While living at my parent's house, I was pretty successful at it. Jonathan, however, was clued into this and had a plan. He would buy gifts and then leave them in his office. The one place I couldn't get into without him knowing!!!!! He would wait until the last minute, because I would ask him a million questions about it. Good to know my future children will be able to help me out!

Mary Beth said...

When Brianna was about that age, she said to me dad, "Grandpa... you are really gonna LOVVEEEEE those slippers we got you for Christmas!"

I love it. Merry Christmas and may all your Christmas Gift Peeking wishes be granted.