19 January 2009

Because I'm a horrible mother and apparently I don't love my youngest child...

I write a letter to my girls on their birthdays. Karis celebrated her first birthday on November 1, 2008 and I'm just now getting around to posting the letter here. I really DO love you Karis! Augh!

Dear Karis,

Its been a year since you completed our family and let me just say that this past hear has truly caused me to question my parenting skills. You feel EVERY emotion VERY deeply and loudly. Our pediatrician refers to you as "spirited" (I think that's the politically correct euphemism for "strong-willed.")

In spite of the fact that I am living in a state of perpetual exhaustion because 1.) the number of nights that you've slept entirely through the night without waking up crying, screaming or puking can be counted on two hands and 2.) your waking hours are spent exploring everything in our house that could kill you and destroying the few nice things I have left, we can honestly say that your sheer happiness and desire to suck the marrow out of every second of life saturates our days.

Your laughter wells up from somewhere so deep inside of you and it delights us every time. Your big gap-toothed smile lights up the entire building you are in. And Karis, you're funny--and you know it. You understand how to make us and others laugh. We love it when you take your chubby little hands and violently "ticka ticka ticka" (tickle, tickle, tickle) your sister.

And your snuggles. Where do I begin? You pretty much melt into whoever you are snuggling. And while I'm lucky enough to share most of your cuddly moments, every now and then you bestow some snuggles on your Daddy. Each time you steal a little bit more of his heart.

Karis Layne, your name means "grace." Little did we know when we chose your name that grace was truly being poured on us.

We love you Boo Bear.



jason said...

That is the best picture of Karis. And when I clicked on it it got GINORMOUS!

Melissa said...

funny. I still have yet to print one picture of carson- by this age, dylan had 3 photo albums filled...guess i have A LOT to catch up on!

Melissa said...

funny. i have yet to print one picture of carson- but this age, dylan had 3 albums full. i have a lot to catch up on!