05 January 2009

A fun Sunday afternoon lunch

Yesterday after church, the staff decided that lunch at Fuddruckers would be a fabulous idea. And it was.

Here are some highlights of the afternoon, at least from my perspective:

1.) Kayla bursting into tears because one of the other kids taunted her in regards to not having a Cookie Dough Coupon (which she did, her dad was holding it for her)
2.) Upon hearing that she did, in fact, have a cookie dough coupon saying to her father, "You interrupted my crying! I'm not done yet. Let me finish crying!" and then indeed finished crying.
3.) Aaron going into a complete self-centered autopilot mode upon me telling him that I wanted a shake, not bothering to ask me what kind I wanted because he was so thrilled that he now had carte blanche to get a shake for himself and was so consumed with the fact that he wanted an Oreo cookie shake. I ended up with a Vanilla shake. I hate Vanilla shakes. I wanted chocolate. So I moped and fumed and then burst into a 2- year-old temper tantrum when the following happened:
4.) While Aaron was so consumed with his own stupid Oreo cookie shake he neglected to monitor how Kayla was consuming my hated Vanilla shake. And so she tipped it too far toward her face an dumped the entire thing on her face--from the middle of her forehead, to her chin, in her hair, down her dress. Commence more tears.

Now that I'm over the fact that I didn't get a chocolate shake, all this seems much funnier.

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Netta said...

You have a wonderful way of painting pictures with your words... I can "see" the whole thing and I'm cracking up!