15 January 2009

Reminiscing about another time and place...

My family became a Christian in August of 1984. Shortly thereafter, we started attending a church that held to some very strong beliefs regarding Halloween, playing cards and going to movies. Needless to say, we weren't allowed to do Halloween that year or any year thereafter, for that matter.

Jason and I were really bummed and felt really left out when Mom told us we couldn't dress up for Halloween at school that first year. So, to appease us, she let us dress up as Joseph and Mary. Yes, the earthly parents of our Lord and Savior.

He, wrapped in a brown sheet and sporting a fake beard, and I wrapped in a light blue sheet and carrying a doll wrapped in "swaddling clothes," made our way to school that day. As if this little anecdote was not ridiculous enough, Jason and I were in different grades, so the costumes made no sense independent of one another.

In the years to come, that fake beard would provide hours of entertainment for us. One particular incident stands out in my mind.

We invented a game called "Uncle Joe and the Baby." I was the baby and Jason was Uncle Joe. We "lived" in Uncle Joe's apartment, aka my bedroom. Jason's "Uncle Joe outfit" consisted of an old Detroit Tigers baseball cap, too tight Wrangler jeans, a Dukes of Hazzard T-shirt (Bo Duke was hot) and the beard.

One day, at the "apartment," the "phone" rang. It was "Grandma." Uncle Joe had a very in depth conversation with her.

(Now, keep in mind that we had just recently started going to church, so Bible stories, lots of praying and all things Christian were swimming in our heads all the time.)

The conversation with "Grandma" was coming to an end. Jason intended to say, "Okay, Grandma. We love you, too. We'll talk to you later. Buh-bye." Instead, it came out like this:

"Okay, Grandma. We love you, too. We'll talk to you later. In Jesus' name, amen."

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Netta said...

Great story!
I've been praying for you and really enjoy your blogs!