15 February 2009

Better late than never...

I've been experiencing writer's block lately. I guess that statement presumes upon the idea that one would consider one's self a writer--which I do not. I am simply one who likes to share her experiences with the world in a written format. :)

Anyway, the aforementioned blockage is not for lack of material. It's for lack of motivation and emotional wherewithal.

But in spite of the current circumstances (dead battery in my van and another round of colds gearing up on the Hlavin front), I'm feeling particularly motivated and full of emotional wherewithal.

That being said, I cut Karis' bangs a couple of weeks ago. And the transformation has been amazing. I'm not talking about the physical transformation (which is really cute, I must say), but the temperamental transformation. She's happy now! The misery she expressed on a daily basis, through crying and shrieking and flailing and insanity, was merely an manifestation of the fact that she couldn't see.

Misery on Halloween with hair in the eyes.

Misery on her birthday with hair in the eyes.

Misery on Christmas with hair in the eyes.

Happiness on Valentine's Day without hair in the eyes.

Amazing what a pair of scissors and two adults holding down a flailing 27 lb. 15-month old can do!


Netta said...

Wow, did I ever need to read this. My little Chasey, 2, is at this very moment yelling & screaming! His "rock star" hair is cute, but totally in his eyes and pokes him, too! Last night I told myself I really needed to cut those things, but the thought of his wiggles and my bad cutting skills stopped my efforts.
BUT, your blog has kicked me into action! THANKS! :)
Love ya!

. said...

You don`t know me. I ran across your blog by accident one day. Being a parent myself I have really enjoyed your witty and insightful writing. Todays entry really gave me a giggle. :D