12 March 2009

I was going to attempt to make another witty tie to The Who with this one, but eh...

Before I get into "More About YOU," I wanted to mention a few things:

1. The past 12 hours of my life have consisted of pretty much everything going in a complete different direction than I had envisioned. Is it just me, or is that the worst thing ever? I get a plan or an idea in my head and that's the way I expect it to go. Any deviation, well, "alters my mood," shall we say. So here I am trying to adjust my attitude. A cup of coffee and Beth Moore help.

2. Kayla had her vision & hearing screening for Kindergarten registration yesterday. I've had it written on my whiteboard refrigerator calendar (in the specific color designated for activities pertaining to my children - their color is fuchsia, mine is orange, Aaron's is green, while activities involving the entire family are in red and church activities are blue...we can talk about this little idiosyncrasy of mine at another time.) Anyway, I had abbreviated it to read H&V Screening and every time I walked past it I thought it said HIV Screening

Hello, digression.

The screening was yesterday, so I needed to prepare Kayla the night before since the child is rather slow to adapt to things outside of the scope of the normal daily routine (I've created a monster). She was not happy at all. I explained everything that would happen (to the best of my recollection since my Kindergarten vision & hearing screening happened over 25 years ago...I was crossing my fingers that not too much had changed). And I explained to her that I totally understood that she was nervous about going into a new situation with people she didn't know in order to undergo an unfamiliar process all just to begin attending classes that wouldn't end until her early twenties-stating it like that, what 4 and a half year old wouldn't be upset. I'm upset thinking about it for myself now!

There were many tears and declarations that she would just refuse to participate. And even an occasional, "Mom, I need to tell you something. I'm pretty sure I don't like you because of this." This went on all morning, after I picked her up from school, and the entire ride to the screening location.

When we arrived, I told the technicians that she was nervous and of course they were nothing but kind and wonderful. Kayla gave me one last uncertain glance as the tech led her away by the hand. I attempted to worry about her for the next ten minutes, but the wrestling match with Karis that ensued prevented me from doing so. First she wanted out of the stroller. Then she wanted to push the stroller. Then she wanted to walk. Then she wanted to crawl -- uh, no way. So I picked her up. Commence shrieking. I put her down. Then she raised her arms and said, "Uh uh!" (up, up).

By the time adorable little Kayla came skipping out of the classroom holding a cardboard silhouette of a rabbit (the exact same kind they used on me over 25 years ago for my pre-K vision screening! What in the world?!) I was a sweaty mess.

And she declared, "You were right Mom! That was so easy! First they put headphones on me and the beep was really high...then it was really low.....blah blah blah blah...."

I was so proud of her. I want to be like her when I grow up. No matter how nervous or scared she is regarding a new circumstance, she just does it. She'll complain all the while leading up to it, but when it comes down to it, she walks right in without an argument or tantrum and just does it and then comes out and tells me what a piece of cake it was. I wish I could be more like that.

So we got Slurpees in celebration.


Enough about my kid. Let's talk about you.

List ten positive personal characteristics about yourself. And be honest and not self-deprecating. We're often so skilled in talking about what we're not good at, that stating what we do well feels like boasting. God gave you those good characteristics, so "Let him who boasts boast in the the Lord (2 Corinthians 10:17)."

Here, I'll go first:
1. I have a good sense of humor
2. I consider myself reasonably intelligent
3. I catch on quickly to new tasks
4. I am organized
5. I am independent
6. I am fairly consistent
7. I am a planner and therefore my family is content and happy in expected routines
8. I am very principled and follow any and all rules
9. I am extremely loyal to friends, family and leadership
10. I consider myself fun to be around

When I look at those now that I've listed them all out, I think I may be an android. Bleh! Oops, there I go...talking badly about my good characteristics.

Your turn! And don't insult yourself!

Up next: Personal growth...

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