23 March 2009

The Weekend Update

I worked at Fine Arts this weekend at GR First. Aaron was a judge I worked in the office. It was fun and crazy busy as usual. I'm happy to be home and I really should do some laundry.

Kayla & Karis stayed with my in-laws while we were in Grand Rapids. My nephew, Dylan, came by for a few hours. Kayla relayed to me what she called "the toilet incident" (yes, her words--she's not even 5 yet, people). I guess Dylan enjoyed the endless fun that splashing in the toilet can bring.

On a less cute and entertaining note, I really miss my mom right now. This is our first holiday season without her and Easter was very special time of reflection for her. Her absence is huge and awful. (But on a positive note, the Easter dresses are a lot less frilly and floofy - I'm a horrible daughter and human being for verbalizing that).

I'm okay most of the time, but the sense of loss can hit me with a nearly physical hurt. At times, its a gripping, hysterical panic that steals my breath. And of course, embarrassingly enough, it hit me like that at church yesterday.

She hasn't even been gone three months and it seems like a lifetime ago.

But the searing pain reminds me that the wound is still very fresh.

Well, I should go now because apparently Cookie Monster is scaring Karis to death! She's freaking out...and while its kind of funny, I really need to go be a good mom. :)

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