01 April 2009

I'm in love with a Wookiee

(Oh, yeah, I spelled that right. My Star Wars cred just went up a notch).

I can always tell how deeply and well Aaron is sleeping based on his snoring. The louder and "snorier," the better the quality of his sleep.

He's sleepin' pretty well these past few days because I'd swear I was in bed with Chewbacca.


L0r@ said...

Chewy's showing you his 'pits. Nice!

Mary Beth said...

Steve has some chewy imitaions too! we are on vacation in FL and I end up sleeping the room with Briana before the night is over!

Nyquil works wonders to help you sleep through it... of course your kids may get up in the night and have their way throughout the house... but at least you SLEPT!