06 April 2009

Lack of Substance...

I'd like to write something that matters, however, I've got a ton of stuff going on right this minute. So, I'll leave you with this little tidbit.

On the ride to school this morning, Kayla handed Karis an old Happy Meal Toy - a plush Charlie Brown doll. This entertained Karis for the remainder of the slushy, snowy ride. She begins saying something over and over again, but I wasn't really paying attention. Then Kayla giggled, "Listen to what she's saying, Mommy."

Karis was hugging the doll, patting its back saying, "Awwww....Monkey! Monkey! Awwww!"

This made me laugh because at one point during my mother's last few morphine-hazed days, she pointed at a picture of my youngest and squinted and said, "Who's that? Charlie Brown?"

Grandma thought Karis was Charlie Brown. Karis thought Charlie Brown was a monkey. And I call Karis a Wild Monkey (one of her many nicknames). It all comes full circle.


Netta said...

Isn't if funny when we can find joy & humor in the simple things? Praying for you.

Melissa said...

that's cute! :)