15 April 2009

Spring Break 2009: Warren, MI

We're livin' some wild times her in the Hlavin household.

We spent a quiet Easter weekend with family. It was bittersweet as its the first big holiday without Mom. But we all made it and now I'm trying to stay sane during Kayla's spring break from school.

Yes, I know she's only in preschool and attends 3 days a week. But I've really grown to appreciate those three days. I am unbelievably behind in a great number of tasks! Like laundry. I've been chastised due to the fact that someone who will remained unnamed ran out of underwear.

But it's been worth it.

On Monday, I took the girls and my dad to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. It was okay. The flick contained a few off color comments that, luckily, flew right over Kayla's head. And the cartoon violence had Karis a little freaked out. So, I had to take her out of the theater a few times.

And I learned an invaluable lesson. Never walk down theater stairs while holding a 28 pound toddler while wearing 3D specs.

I tumbled down the last three stairs with child in arms. It kind of happened in slow motion. As my ankle rolled and I realized I was about to take a spill I thought, "Are you kidding me??? I'm falling." Then I cradled Karis close to me and protected her head as we went down.

She escaped the incident unscathed and actually thought it was pretty funny. I, on the other hand, had to crawl to the side of theater and wait until I was able to walk again.

Go ahead. Laugh. I am.

I think I sprained my ankle very mildly, because I can almost put my weight on it when I walk now. And stairs are no longer excruciating. Five years ago, I probably would have called into work, spent the week on the couch watching the Sci-Fi channel all day.

I couldn't call in this time. My bosses don't allow for sick days.

Anyway. Yesterday, I took the girls to the library. I let Kayla pick out her books without any intervention. She chose five books. Among them was Walter the Farting Dog.


I was pretty excited about that. (Please note the sarcasm in my voice.)

When we returned home, we made these awesome crafts - the Ocean complete with sea urchins, whales, schools of fish, and octopuses.

This one is mine:

This one's Kayla's. Notice the feminine attributes of the whale and octopus:

Here's my groovy little octopus:

And here's the princess posing with her seascape. I have no idea what she's wearing. I've lost control.

See. I told you it's been a wild spring break here.


Netta said...

The crafts are awesome!
and... we own FOUR Walter the Farting Dog books! Own them!!!
Chilly found'um online and had to get'um for the boys. We all think they're hilarious!!! (not to mention our dog sometimes has similar "talents!")

Happy Spring Break!
(Next home game in your area... I'll letcha know.. maybe we can connect!)
love ya!

ninabunk said...

jaime that is the cutest craft idea i love it!!