23 April 2009


Kayla can finally confidently ride her two-wheeler (with training wheels). It's been quite an undertaking as she is a fairly, shall we say, cautious child. Any new experience that she is unsure of or certain will result in pain, she resists.

So today, we rode all the way to the Funeral Home at the end of our subdivision and she rode all over the parking lot (with only one wipeout - again, she has training wheels, so I'm not exactly sure how the wipeout occurred.

The best comment of the entire ordeal was, "It's a good thing no one died today or we wouldn't be able to ride in this parking lot!"

Yep. It's a good thing.


jason said...

Did you then proceed to drop the hard truth on her that thousands of people die daily, whether or not they are remembered in the particular funeral home that is near her house? HIt her with the hard stuff early. ;o)

I'm kidding (at least about about saying that to her...)

You should dig up some of the old photos of us riding bikes at Roma Hall's parking lot to show to her.

And don't tell her about me riding halfway up the trunk of the tree out front and falling flat on my back when I was about her age.

You should tell her holding snakes is WAY scarier than riding without training wheels and she's already done that. And then - while you're at it - tell her dad that riding without training wheels is WAY scarier than holding snakes... :oD

Melissa said...

yeah kayla!!! ;)

Netta said...

What a sweet story.
I love seeing the world through the eyes of my children.