22 May 2009

Clearing out the junk...

So, we had a garage sale and I got rid of all of my baby stuff that is appropriate for 18 months and under. I've had several people tell me that's the surefire way to guarantee that I'll be getting pregnant soon. (I rebuked them in the name of Jesus.)

But anyway, it was astonishing to realize how much stuff we accumulate...this is the SECOND garage sale we've had in the six years we've lived in this house.

As we were organizing for the Sale of the Century, on many occasions we said to one another things like, "What in the world were we thinking when we got that?" or "Why did we think we'd ever need that?" or "What was your mother thinking when she bought you that?!?!"

We need to get down into the storage area of our basement more often and take stock of what's there!

And that reminded me that I need to do that with my heart more often as well. Does Jesus walk the corridors of my heart saying things like, "Why on Earth is she hanging on to that?! I thought we dealt with that already!"

(By the way, someone actually bought my Pee-Wee's Big Adventure VHS tape! Awesome!)


jason said...

If any folks were walking around in my heart they'd be saying things like "That's some serious arterial plaque... why on earth does he eat so much fat?"

I hope you have replaced Pee-Wee with a DVD copy.

ninabunk said...

are you kidding me, who want pee wee's big adventure??? that is a classic!!!!

Netta said...

Good thoughts... my house is the same way... and praying that my heart is not! Thanks for sharing!