23 June 2009

A decade ago...

Wow...check out the fluidity of the titles of my two recent posts! That was totally unplanned!

As you may or may not know, Aaron and I are quickly approaching the 10 Years of Marriage Milestone. Our wedding anniversary is Friday, June 26.

And as many of you may or may not know, our schedule is very often at the whim of ... well, everything else that could possibly happen. We've been in ministry for 11 years (yes, I worked alongside him during our engagement. I'm gettin' a big crown in heaven for planning a wedding and doing youth ministry simultaneously.) For example, for the first 5 years of our marriage, I spent my birthday on camping trips with 30 teenagers. The next four birthdays were spent alone, because my husband was in another country leading missions trips. Except for my 30th birthday, my awesome friends (you know who you are, ladies) surprised me by taking me to see Smitty at DTE Energy Theatre (or Pine Knob for those of you who are old school enough to know who Smitty is without explanation).

And anniversaries. Well, my anniversary lands right smack in the middle of graduation season so most of my wedding anniversaries were spent at the open houses of the teenagers we ministered to for 7 years. And this year is really no different. With a whole slew of church-related events and various graduation open houses this weekend, the best I had hoped for was a nice card and a Thanks-For-An-Awesome-Decade-Celebratory Slurpee.

But since I am married to pretty much the most unbelievably thoughtful guy on the face of the earth I got a whole lot more.

Sunday night, he told me that I had to be ready to "go" by 3:30 p.m. on Monday.

"Go where?" I don't just "go" on command. I need to know where? Why? How? What should I wear? Do I need to wear make up? What's the demographic climate and socioeconomic make up of the population with which I'll be rubbing elbows? (In other words, "Can I roll out of bed and go unshowered in my pajamas?")

And I need to be able to put it in my day planner.

"Wear something cute. Do your hair and wear some make-up" were my only instructions.

So, the word "mystery" was written in the 3:30 time slot in my day planner (yes, I use a day planner you write in and not some nifty PDA/phone combo device. I feel great satisfaction when I can manually cross things off with my pencil. To know me is to love me.)

And at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, June 22, Aaron arrived home from the office and told me to leave, he'd take care of the girls.

"Where do I go?"

He told me that on the front seat was a letter that would give me my first set of instructions along with a really nice CD he burned for me.

I went on a very well-thought-out scavenger hunt for all of my "favorite things."

1.) Letter #1 instructed me to go to Tim Horton's, ask for Donovan and tell him who I was.
2.) Upon arriving at Tim Horton's, Donovan wished me a Happy Anniversary, poured my coffee just the way I like it and gave me a box of 10 doughnuts along with my next clue. (Everything along the way was prepaid by the way - so Aaron had physically gone to all these locations to make the arrangements).
3.) My next clue sent me to Target with a $100 gift card and an hour to burn through it and instructions to look in the glove compartment of the car for my next clue upon successfully spending my gift card. And I spent it all on me. I didn't buy diapers with it like I usually do whenever I get a Target gift card.
4.) The next clue sent me to the new manicure and pedicure place called LUV out by Lakeside Mall. He arranged for a manicure and pedicure for me, specifically with one of their "less chatty" technicians, because he knows how socially anxious I get when required to chit chat with strangers for extended periods of time. The manager of the store had my next clue.
5.) That clue sent me to Family Bookstore with a gift card - I picked up one of Ted Dekker's Lost Books - and told me where in the car to find my next clue.
6.) And that clue sent me to Abuelo's where Aaron was waiting for me to inform me that after dinner we'd be going to a movie. Then I'd be getting a full night's sleep in a king size bed with a mattress that didn't hurt my back (yay for the Hyatt!) And the next morning, before I picked up the kids from my mother-in-law's, I used a gift card to get some scrapbooking stuff from Archivers.

It was an amazing day! Congratulations to me for marrying the most wonderful guy on the planet!


ninabunk said...

that is amazing!!!!!!!

David said...

Aaron is awesome. You totally deserve it. Congratulations on 10 years.

WellerFamily said...

Amazing! I just shared this with Andy too. We think that was absolutely great! I'm so glad that you were blessed with such a wonderful day and thoughtful husband :)

Andrea said...

How wonderful!
All the planning, timing and work he put into all this is SO sweet!
Congratulations on 10 years!
(He might drink fluffy strawberry drinks, but he's a good MAN!)

Netta said...

Oh GEEZ! The comment from "Christinme" about the Strawberry drinks... is actually from ME!
My friend used my computer & I didn't realize that she hadn't signed out!
hee hee
Happy Day!

Jodi B. said...

What an awesome husband! He purposely made you and your day special. He earned some brownie points that day. Way to go Pastor!!!

Mary Beth said...

How fun! Way to go Aaron. Pictures????