25 June 2009

Note to self:

Dear Jaime,

Please remember to wear your glasses in the basement. It will minimize the screaming when one of the "speckles" on the carpet starts to "crawl" at an unnervingly terrifying velocity.

And always remember to keep a spare shoe down there so that aforementioned "speckles" may be bludgeoned to death with shock and awe.


P.S. You are deathly afraid of spiders. Remember that. SEEING them before they kill you is half the battle.


Christina said...

thank goodness you don't live in the middle east...http://naturanonfacitsaltus.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/large-camel-spider.jpg

My husband told me not to mention how many spiders we swallow when we sleep....so I won't.

Netta said...