15 July 2009

Anyone know a good therapist who specializes in phobias????

Monday, as I was preparing to step into the shower, I glanced up at the ceiling and noticed several "mildew spots" on the ceiling. Disgusted with my poor housekeeping skills, I grabbed a cloth to wipe them off and noticed, oh, about a trillion more all over the place. What?!

I grabbed my glasses a realized that the mildew spots were....wait for it..."MILLIONS" OF BABY SPIDERS!!!!!! NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

God gave me the strength to slaughter them all...but periodically 5-10 more will show up. An egg sac must have hatched somewhere in my bathroom after having been placed there by the mama while we were at camp.

Why is this happening to me??????


jason said...

Murderer. Just think of the millions of other insects those millions of babies would have devoured throughout your home, saving you the anguish of dealing with their presence. Good luck when you're overrun by hordes of all other bugs. I'm sure the spiders of the world will NOT be rushing to your aid.

Netta said...

Hey, I always tell my kids that spiders are our friends since they eat bugs! :)
Love you!

Anonymous said...

OMG.. That's like the year of the camping trip!!! When body beard was born....