23 July 2009

A rainy day update...

While my pot of rainy day chili is simmering in the crock pot,

I thought I'd give a little review of the last few days.

Yesterday, I dropped the girls off at my mother-in-law's so that I could make a clandestine trip to the Disney Store to buy my daughters' vacation souvenirs in advance. We're doing our first Disney Vacation in a few weeks and I really don't want to have to sell a kidney on the black market in order to afford trip memorabilia when we get down there. So, since they're 5 and nearly 2, they'll never know that I pre-bought their stuff at clearance prices...unless, you, Internet, tell them. So keep your lips zipped. I know who you are.

Here's all the stuff I was able to snag on sale or clearance for a grand total of $76.09, regular prices would have cost me about $150.00.

Here are a couple of close ups of Kayla's haul:

Here's Karis's stuff:

Disney World probably would have cost me my soul. According to the Disney website, Dug would have cost me $39.50 alone.

I owe all that ingenuity to Karen Srvcina. She's the DisneyWorld pro.

The day before that, I made this pie for dessert because my dad was joining us for dinner. I've been eating the leftovers ever since. I should have sent it home with him.

And then of course, from weekend you'll remember The Great Face Book Unwashed Hair Controversy.

Which by the way, this is my hair on an unwashed day...looks pretty decent if I do say so myself, haters:

Sorry I don't have anything more of substance other than this extremely self-absorbed pictorial review!

Have a great day.


Netta said...

The pictures are GREAT!
You are Beautiful!
The "shop-before-you-go" idea is Brilliant!
Love ya!

ninabunk said...

ur hair does look very good in that pic!! i find my hair always looks netter dirty also! i totally need to hit up the disney store, we are going to disney in novemeber and i am the same way!!