30 September 2009

The fabric of our lives...

I'm sitting at my computer with this blanket draped over my lap.

It is a birthday gift from my my sister-in-law and brother. While this blanket has just entered my life, it holds great significance. Laura wrote this to go along with the blanket:

This is the story of how your blanket came to be...

[First, dear reader, we must journey back in time]

Traveling back, we find Sue Hatton walking down the aisles of one of her favorite places - JoAnn's Fabric & Craft Store. An incredibly talented and crafty lady, Sue is scouring the aisles, looking for the next tools she will wield to create her next handmade wonder. Having taken a detour from fabrics, Sue wanders down the yarn aisle. She is immediately filled with overwhelming awe one only gets from walking down aisle after aisle of multicolored yarn. The colors! The textures! Picking up a dusty purple yarn, thoughts of her daughter fill her head. Purple is her daughter's favorite color...

[Flash forward]

When going through a bag of yarn that was her mother-in-law's, Laura stumbles across several skeins of the softest purple yarn. Immediately, she knows this yarn had a purpose; this yarn was meant for Jaime. As thoughts of her sister-in-law fill her mind, the project gears start turning. A magazine of crochet patterns is purchased. A design is chosen. More colors are needed! Trips to the store for more yarn are made. The crochet hooks start flying...and, Voila! Your blanket is born!

Just as our lives are a tapestry woven from the threads of those who love and care for us, so is your blanket. Here's the breakdown:

The purple, navy and rainbow (edging) yarns were purchased by your mother

The teal and green yarns, as well as the actual making of the blanket, were contributed by your sister-in-law.

The final layout was decided by your brother.

I hope this blanket not only brings you years of warmth, but also reminds you of how much you are loved.


Genevieve said...

I love the blanket, and even more so I love your note that went with it. Laura is fantastic and I'm fortunate to have gone to Tyndale with her as well as do the crazy Outlaw things.

Enjoy that blanket because the love in it will never fade or expire!

Mary Beth said...

What a precious gift. What a wonderful family.

Love you, Jaime.

WellerFamily said...

What a blessing and a great story. :)

Kimberley said...

Jamie, oh my goodness, beautiful. Love you

jason said...

"The touch, the feel of cotton..."