23 September 2009

Testing...1...2...3. Is this thing on?

Yeah. Sorry. It's been like, what, 10 days or something?

This "getting back into the swing of things" has kind of eaten into my blogging time.

"Oh...c'mon! You're a stay-at-home mom and 1/2 of your children are away at school all day! Get off the couch! Stop watching the SyFy Channel and blog already!" You might be saying.

(By the way, is it not so cool that the Sci-Fi channel is now SyFy? I love it.)

I'm finding myself busy from 6:30 a.m. until well after the girls' bedtime. And at first I couldn't figure out if I was even doing anything productive. So I stopped and made a list. Aaahhhhhh....list-making. (Make sure you say that like Homer Simpson complete with your head plopped back and your tongue lolling out of your mouth sideways).

Don't worry, I won't condescendingly place my list here in some misguided effort to garner sympathy because Lord knows EVERYONE is just as busy or more so. While it was encouraging to realize that I am actually doing things, at the same time it was upsetting to realize the items were not easily "check-offable" meaning they will stay on my To Do list for some time as many of them are extremely ongoing. Poop.

Aaaaahhhhh......checking things off lists.....

√ Put Karis down for a nap
√ Blogged
√ Determined whether or not there was anything else I could check off my list

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