30 September 2009

Until we meet again...

Two years ago, an amazing family walked through the doors of Freedom Christian.

They had just moved to the United States from Queretaro, Mexico as a result of a job transfer. Leaving behind their family and loved ones, Erick, Ana and their infant son, David became an integral part of our lives personally and of our church.

This weekend, Erick's job is taking him back home to Mexico. The seven of us (our family and theirs) spent yesterday evening eating, talking, drinking girly coffee drinks, laughing and crying.

Erick, Ana and David, you have impacted our lives more than you'll ever know. We are happy for you as you go on this part of your lives' journey, but we sure are going to miss you. I stole this picture from Ana's facebook profile because she wasn't happy that I took a picture of her last night - she thought she looked tired. In actuality, she looked beautiful. But I don't want her mad at me. :)

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