08 October 2009

And to top it all off, my hair looks really dumb today...

Dear Thursday Morning,

This is how I feel about you:

But I guess you're not entirely to blame...I can blame it partly on Wednesday Night as well. Or Roseola. Or lost brain cells. Or President Bush. Or pretty much anything else I can think of that shifts focus from any responsibility I need to take in it.

So here it is Thursday, you're off the hook.

1. For the fact that I hit snooze 3 times and did not get up until 7 a.m. and therefore beginning our morning at a frantic pace, I will blame Wednesday night. Wednesday night made me stay at the church until too late, and then fight bedtime & wake-up battles of epic proportions.

2. For the fact that Karis angrily threw a bowl of yogurt across the kitchen at 8:05 a.m. and commenced temper tantrum #2 of the morning thus causing us to run a little later, I will blame Roseola for afflicting her last weekend and making her think that its okay to be so miserably crabby.

3. For the fact that I forgot to put Kayla's lunch box into her back pack and thus had to bring it to her later and as a result snapped at my husband to "hurry up and get ready for our appointment", I blame lost brain cells.

4. And then for the sheer humiliation suffered at the hands of Thrower of Temper Tantrum #5 during our lunch appointment...heck...I'll blame "W" for that. Why not?

There, Thursday, don't you feel better now?



Scrapingirl said...

Sorry you've had a crappy day. I've been feeling the same way lately. Keith just told me this morning that I need to go out with someone tonight, just to get away from the kids. I may have to take him up on it.

K.Connell said...

Poor Jaime! I am really sorry you had a lousy day. I hope that your
evening is much better, and by the way, your hair looks rather cute.
I know how you feel, though, to an extent, because I've had days that were bummers like you had today. I hate my bad hair days too. I hope and pray that the rest of your week(end) is much better.

Netta said...

Dear Jaime...
you're cute...
even on Thursday!

Francie said...

I suppose I should let Friday off the hook for making me stay up so late to comment meaninglessly on your blog. But I don't think so. It's entirely Friday's fault.