27 October 2009

Better than Yu Gi Oh...

So, we downloaded the Jesus is My Superhero Hillsong Kids album...and of course Kayla wants to hear one song over and over and over and over again whenever we're in the van.

And that song is the title track. Its cute and catchy and makes us dance. Yes, I dance in my van with the girls when this song is on. We rock out.

Here are the lyrics (I was going to just post a link to the site that had the lyrics, but there were all these ads for tooth whitening products and the pictures of yellow teeth and close ups of bacteria were kind of gross, so I just copied and pasted the lyrics in their entirety - sorry):

He's the one who makes the sun shine
He's the one who that puts the moon in the sky
He's the one who hung the stars
One by one

He's the one who makes the birds sing
He's the one who makes your dreams so high
He's the one who makes me smile
Day by day

Jesus you're my superhero
You're my star, my best friend
Jesus you're my superhero
You're my star, my best friend

Better than Spiderman
Better than Superman
Better than Batman
Better than anyone


Better than Yu Gi Yo
Better than Barbie
Better than Action Man
Better than anyone

If you've heard the song, you know that the "better than..." parts are basically the singers yelling that portion into the microphone - with very strong Australian accents, I might add. (And by the way, I think Australian accents and New Zealand accents are probably two of the coolest accents in the world.)

Anyway, the first time I heard the song, I kept thinking to myself, "Who is this Bobby they keeping talking about? 'Better than Bobby...' Must be some Australian cartoon or something I've never heard of..."

I asked Kayla if she knew who Bobby was. She enlightened me that it was, in fact, not Bobby, but Barbie. "Better than Barbie..." Ooooohhhh....like "throw another shrimp on the bobby (barbie)..."

That's kind of legit that I'd hear that incorrectly, right? (Please validate me.)

Later that day, the whole family was in the car listening to the song, yet again. One of the "better than..." shout-outs played and Aaron got a really weird look on his face. "What did that guy say?"

"Better than Batman," I replied.

"Oh, I thought he said 'Phil the Fat Man.'"

Here's the video


Lois said...

Ok....how can I say "you two are pathetic" in a nice kind of way?!?!? :-) You just have to be up on your superheros!!! However, there is the longstanding debate that "Barbie" (or Bobby or Bah-Bee or whoever) is NOT a superhero, she's a doll!! So, perhaps I can understand that one..but c'mon...batman?!?!? :-)

We used to do this in Zoe... motions and all!! Loved it!!!

Genevieve said...

LOL that's enlightening! I'm sure I could do worse than bobby or phil the fat man.

Good song!!

Scrapingirl said...

Madeline LOVES that song. But once I hear it, it stays in my head all day long. So, I am NOT clicking on the video. :)