23 October 2009

Dripping Orifices

For some reason, Kayla is having a really rough time over Aaron being out of town. Its not that uncommon for him to travel out of town for several days at a time for conferences, speaking engagements, missions trips, etc. This time its a family wedding.

Normally Kayla is out of her mind with excitement because when he's gone she gets to sleep in my bed. This time though, there has been much weeping. And by much, I mean "what-in-the-world-seriously-can-you-get-a-grip-child" much. Of course I don't say that out loud. Thank God for inner monologues.

Anyway, the crying and nose blowing combined with the change in the season and the aridness of our home once the furnace comes on, has cause Kayla's nose to bleed several times over the past few days. She woke up last night at 2 a.m. with a gusher. We're fairly used to this because she gets them pretty regularly. Always when the seasons are changing. Always when there's been any nasal congestion. Always when a lot of crying has transpired. Always during allergy season. Always the same nostril - the right one.

I used to get them as well when I was her age, so I'm not alarmed. And I've talked with her pediatrician about it. She's not alarmed. Although she did seem concerned when I asked if it was possible that Kayla had been abducted by aliens and had a device implanted into her nose. No, I didn't really ask that. But Agent Mulder would have.

Well, I got a call from the school today because she had one and they couldn't get it to stop. So I packed up Karis and headed out into the torrential downpour to stop the bleeding. Which I did, with ease. I'm really good at it. The key is to tip the head forward and pinch very firmly. VERY firmly. Almost too hard. Kayla and I usually get into a big fight while this is happening:

ME: Tip your head down.
HER: Ouch! Stop! You're pinching it too hard!
ME: I have to in order for it to stop bleeding!
HER: MOM-my!! It hurts! (tears start to well up)
ME: Don't cry! It'll only make the bleeding worse!
HER: I HAVE TO CRY! You're hurting me!
ME: Knock it off or you'll bleed to death! Is that what you want? To bleed to death from a bloody nose!
HER: Mommy, that's not funny! Don't say that!
ME: Who's trying to be funny! It's 2 o'clock in the morning...I'm in no mood for funny. I'm not even sure if I'm conscious....

And by that time, the bleeding will have stopped.

Luckily, that conversation didn't transpire at the school. She was very brave and let me pinch as hard I needed to and there were no tears. I asked if she wanted to come home for the day and the reply was, "Are you kidding? Today is Friday Frenzy! We get ice cream today!"

Ice cream trumps all bloody nose-related sympathy for today. We'll see about next time.


ninabunk said...

you kill me seriously!!!! i am dying reading your conversation. i have this feeling deep down that is exactly the type of convo i will be having another year or so, b/c she has already mastered the eye roll!!!

Netta said...

Laughing & lovin' your blog... as usual!


L0r@ said...

Agent Mulder would, indeed. And by the season with the T-1000, so would Scully. ;)

Nose bleeds are the worst. Good thing for that ice cream!

p.s. The Capcha to post this was "nactrap."