17 October 2009

Fall Pictoral

Last weekend's 2nd Annual Hlavin Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza

This weekend's trip to Yate's Cider Mile


Melissa said...

Seeing your pictures makes me miss a midwest or northeast fall. We had a heatwave this weekend, 90 degrees today! It's supposed to be cooling off, not sweater and hat weather like your pics are showing, but maybe light jacket weather!

Marlene said...

I never thought I would get married either. I did "request" to God if it was meant to be then I would like to be marry by the age of 30 during a time that I didn't have any perspectives in my life.
After 3 years of marriage, I am glad that I have a partner in crime. Without Gary, there is alot of things that I couldn't do by myself. *wow I actually admitted*lol

Netta said...

You're all adorable.
We're about ready to bust out our winter coats and hit the "Apple Orchard" this coming week... that is if they haven't all FROZEN off the tress already!
Happy Weekend!

jason said...

I like Karis in that last pic.

I think you meant "pictorial" by the way. Pictoral isn't a word... just saying...