15 October 2009

Shameless self-promotion

I don't normally use this forum to promote the church where my husband is the Lead Pastor, but today I'm going to simply because I have this growing sense of excitement and anticipation for what the future holds. I promise that I will return to my usual mundane, domestic engineering, self-absorption at a later date. But today" WOOHOO Freedom Christian!"

Aaron and I have been on staff at this church for over a decade now - initially as youth pastors (some of the best years of my life), senior associate and now Lead Pastor (aka head honcho).

Freedom Christian holds a long tradition marked by health and unity. Generally, our seats have been filled with people who have come seeking solace from hurtful situations. And within the walls, they've discovered the healing touch of God emotionally, physically and spiritually.

In May of 2008, our former senior pastor of 25 years accepted a position with the District Office. Shortly after that, Aaron and I were considered for candidacy and went through the set forth process of board interview, question-and-answer sessions, etc. That lasted several months before it was brought to a vote in a special business session.

And while the people of our church may have noticed some initial aesthetic and superficial changes, huge changes were taking place in our hearts as God developed and worked out a renewed sense of direction and vision for our church.

We do not by any means plan to abandon the foundation and health that exists, but plan to build upon it what God has directed. In November, Aaron will be launching our reimagine church series. I can't wait. I feel like its contagious and is beginning to leak out, so to speak.

On a personal note, here are some things that I love/have loved/am loving about our church this year:
Engage Women's Ministry is going well: our events have been fun, unique & exciting; our Bible study on the Book of Hebrews is encouraging and challenging as well as the other Life Groups that are taking place; the monthly e-newsletter has gotten good feedback; our Christmas GLOW event is shaping up to be stellar
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) has caught hold of a vision that extends beyond the walls of our church
The Connection Center (coffee cafe) is in process (I love me some coffee)
all.access youth is off the chain - Pastor Don and Jamie continue to blow my mind and the addition of Pastor Chris and Jenelle to focus on j-high and college is so exciting!
Children's ministry is on the cusp of revamp as well...
The Children's Fall Festival for October 31st should be amazing! Live animals, yo. (And not to mention my children dressed as Princess Leia and Chewbacca - you decide who is who).
Operation Christmas Child - we just took our kids shopping and filled two shoe boxes and prayed and cried when we realized that Kayla is really moved by this experience.
Marriage Ministry hosted some fun events for couples (the road rally last year-that we dominated by the way; retreats, movie/date nights; Life Groups).

And the list could go on and on...that was just to name a few. If I didn't mention a ministry/department that any of my dear readers may personally lead, its not that your efforts and service go unnoticed - it's that this entry is way long!

If you are not currently connected to a church family and want to visit us, we'd love to have you! Our service times, location, etc. can be found on our website.

But if you're already at a church, stay there and serve and be blessed. :)


...details about my mundane life to follow in later posts.....

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