02 November 2009

All Saints Day...

Dear Karis,

You turned 2 years old yesterday. When you woke us up by yelling "MA! MA! MA!" at the top of your lungs, we decided to come into your room and serenade you with Happy Birthday. Your response was an ear-splitting scream followed by jumping up & down in your crib yelling "DOP IT!!! DOP IT!!!" (Stop it! Stop it!)

You are quite the force of nature...and we wouldn't have it any other way. Your intense drive to squeeze every last drop out of every second out of every ounce of the day delights us, exhausts us, makes us laugh and frightens us all at the same time. I've been told that its our job to help you channel all of that into something productive someday.

We're excited that you're able to communicate with us in English now - without "Ma" as the interpreter. Daddy's favorite thing to make you say is "Apple Cider"... it IS pretty, stinkin' adorable. And you're really starting to follow directions now - when they are phrased "positively." "Karis, please go get me those socks..." and you obediently trot over to retrieve the socks.

However, if I were to say, "Karis, please do not stick that fork into the light socket..." you would giggle maniacally and run faster toward the thing that could end your life. And then if I begin the "1...2...3..." countdown that ends in dire consequences, you think its hilarious to finish counting for me and run like the devil away from me.

But we'll get that figured out eventually. Right?

Karis Layne, every day with you is an exciting adventure filled with lots of noise and laughter. A lady at church summed it up pretty accurately at the Fall Festival this weekend (where we had you dressed as Chewbacca - your sister was Princess Leia) when she heard you squealing with laughter in the Bounce House when she said that your laugh is "infectious." I couldn't agree more. People can't help but smile when you are around.

We love you so much and are so proud that you are the little Boo Bear that completes our family. Happy Birthday!



Scrapingirl said...

Happy birthday!! May God bless you.

L0r@ said...

Happy Birthday, Karis. You are my favorite little Chewbacca. :)

Netta said...

What a beautiful tribute!
She's adorable!!!