10 November 2009

Brain Dump Tuesday

I have a confession.

I think Aaron is really funny. For whatever reason, I feel like its necessary to act like I don't, but I really do! I constantly laugh at his ridiculousness.

A lot of people who attend our church think he's really funny in his messages on Sundays. But that's not even the really funny stuff. In fact, I think his "pulpit jokes" are usually pretty lame. Its the insane stuff that makes me laugh so hard I cry.

For example, Karis got this for her birthday:

And do you have any idea the type of nonsense he's recorded on that thing? Right now, I won't let the kids play with it because I'm afraid they'll delete what is on it. (In case you're dying to know, its him singing in a really eery voice, "I love chicken popcorn..." which I'm not even sure what that means, but its hilarious! I'm laughing right now as I type this).

After reading what I just wrote, maybe he's not that funny. Maybe I just have a really weird sense of humor and he's learned how to cater to it over the years.

Yeah, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm pretty sure what that's it.


As you may have heard, Kayla hates Gym Class for two reasons:
1.) She hates doing "gym stuff" (her words) because she's not good at it
2.) She has gotten numerous "time-outs" for talking while she's supposed to be doing "gym stuff"

She has begged me to allow her to stay home on Tuesdays - Gym Day.

Incidentally, the entire Warren Consolidate School District had last Tuesday off due to elections. Kayla declared that it was an answer to her prayers. (Great. What do I do with that?)

This week she wanted to "take Tuesday as a vacation day." Awesome. When I said no, she later on tried to trick me by listing all the outfits she wanted to wear this week - Tuesday's being a dress, leggings and her suede boots. I almost agreed before I realized she was trying to get out of gym by "forgetting" her tennis shoes!

Well, last night, she gave herself a doozy of a bloody nose. I'm not making this up: She kneed herself in the nose. Yes. Her knee made heavy impact at a high velocity with her nose.

Anyway, when she awoke this morning, the nose was gushing again. It took me a while to get it to stop. Then I said to her, "Be careful today in gym so your nose doesn't start bleeding again."

Her reply was, "Maybe you should just let me stay home or write me a note to get out of gym."

She's really working every angle of this. I started to think she kneed herself in the nose on purpose. But then quickly realized that it was a fairly athletic feat that she'd performed and just knew it must have been an accident due to her her skill level in "gym stuff."


And finally, I think I've spent a lot of time this afternoon making a pot of soup for dinner that no one is going to like. It was kind of something I made up as I went.

Every time I've ever done that its been a monumental failure. When am I going to learn that I am not my mother and that I've disappointed her in so many ways (for proof, click here) ? She's in heaven shaking her head at me in disgust as I type this...

I'd better go now...my hideous soup is probably boiling over...like that would be such a crisis.

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Mary Beth said...

LOL LOL! Brianna informed me from age 4 when we signed her up for t-ball and she picked dandelions out in right field instead of going for the ball...that she is not a SPORTS GIRL!

If it is any consolation... I have a wonderfully gifted, fun loving, Jesus loving young lady... who is still not a sports girl. :-)

Kayla is awesome.