25 November 2009

Uncomfortable in my skin...

I have really sensitive skin.

In fact, this year, I've developed some kind of allergic reaction to my wedding ring.

If I wear it, I get a really itchy, ugly, red, bumpy rash around my finger. It clears up within a few days of removing the ring. I've cleaned the ring very well and still no relief. So for those of you who have noticed that I haven't been wearing my ring, there's no trouble in paradise. I'm just suddenly allergic to it. I looked it up and apparently its not abnormal for body chemistry to change with age and skin reactions to occur when in contact with various metals -gold included. Ugh.

Several months ago, I switched laundry detergents because 3 for the price of 1 Dynamo at Meijer was significantly cheaper than "All: Free and Clear." However, the dermatitis I'm suffering from on all parts of my body that come in contact with clothing is telling me that cheaper isn't necessarily better. Even my head itches because I lay on pillow cases washed in Dynamo. I'm pretty sure that after this week of laundry all my clothes will finally be washed in All and maybe my skin will clear up and I can stop scratching.

I have, however, had one pleasant skin related incident occur within the past months. I recently started using Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion and it has made a world of difference on my arms (I have keratosis pilaris-don't Google it, because the pictures are the absolute WORST CASE SCENARIOS - which I do not have).

The sensitivity of my skin is a constant reminder that it's crucial to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading in my life and sensitive to the needs of others while at the same time maintaining a necessary level of "thick-skinned-ness" (i.e. not taking someone else's rotten mood personally or not taking offense at another's harmless, albeit thoughtless, joke).

I hope everyone's turkey turns out perfect - with a nice, brown, crispy skin. I'm just hoping mine thaws in time. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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