07 December 2009

News from the Laugh Floor....

Aaron is forever messing up movie quotes, using the wrong names, making up characters that don't exist, etc. For someone whose mind clings to meaningless movie details, this is extremely frustrating. That "someone" is me. It is truly a gift that has been bestowed upon the Hatton children. My mother would claim that it was genetic and came from her...but in all honesty, she was worse than Aaron.

So, last week, Kayla awoke in the middle of the night from a bad dream. A monster came out of her closet, of course. We comforted her and sent her back to bed making sure nothing was in the closet.

The next day, while we stood at the bathroom sink brushing our teeth, Aaron asked what caused her bad dream. I told him that the mean monster from Monsters, Inc. came out of her closet.

With a sympathetic nod, and a knowing tone of voice, he confirmed, "Lenny."

I stopped mid-brush stroke and looked at him in utter disgust.

"That's not his name, is it? Who's Lenny?!" he said sheepishly.

"I have no idea, Aaron. It's RANDALL. Seriously. There's something wrong with you."

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