12 March 2010

Mmmmmm.....pizza.....ggglaaarghhh (drooling-Homer Simson-with-tongue-lolling-out-of-his-mouth-noise)

So far this school year, at least 20 unique fundraiser opportunities have been sent home with Kayla.

And with every opportunity, Aaron's ire has intensified. He hates fundraisers. With every one comes a crazy diatribe involving words and phrases like "pay taxes," "public school system," "racket," and "highway robbery" - just to name a few.

I then need to calm him down with words such as "economic climate," "insufficient funding," "inordinately large class sizes," etc.

Yesterday, a form for Little Caesars Pizza Kits was discovered in Kayla's "blue folder." I left it on the kitchen table but said nothing to my husband because I wasn't in the mood to hear the rant.

Later that evening, after the kids had been tucked into bed, I realized that Aaron had been silent for an uncharacteristically long time. I glanced over to the couch where he was seated and saw him intensely studying the pizza kit order form and brochure.

"What's going on over there?" I asked.

"Well...based on the cost of these...we could order several and it would be cheaper than...blah...blah...blah...." he began listing the pros of ordering many pizza kits from the fundraiser.

"Are you kidding? You do realize that is one of Kayla's fundraisers, don't you?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, but I really love pizza."

I am regularly astonished at what can cause such a principled man to fall.


Christina said...

Ahhhh...still a youth pastor at heart, I see. I think my hubby could eat pizza 3x a week if I'd let him, yuck. Money doesn't seem to matter to a man when he is considering food.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I love the pizza kits!!! That's the only fundraiser I'll do. Mmmm...I think I'm gonna get pizza for dinner tonight, now. Thank you.

K.Connell said...

That is typical and awesome! I love your blogs, Jaime.

Netta said...

So funny!

I hate fund raisers, too.
Since we've homeschooled we haven't
had them... until Riley just brought one
home from Softball... ugh! We've gone
five years w/out the... until now!!!! GRRR

Wanna buy some coffee?

Mary Beth said...

Aaron sounds like a man after Steve's own heart... and mouth!!!

In MP the only fundraiser we did was Little Caesar's. At least you were getting something you would actually eat or use! PLUS you make alot of $$ / pizza.

Just think... if you buy enough pizzas once a week or so you don't have to plan what you're gonna eat!! Or "really" cook.