05 March 2010

Rrrrolll up the rim to win...

I have a serious Tim Horton's addiction. In all of the years that I've suffered this affliction, I've never won ANYTHING during the Roll Up the Rim contest.

Until Tuesday.

Before MOPS, I went through the drive-thru to get my fix. After I finished my coffee and then furiously used my bottom teeth to roll that blasted rim up. If you've ever participated in this contest, then I am certain you know to which teeth unrolling technique I'm referring.

Lo and behold, I won a free medium coffee. Yay, me!

So, the next day, on my way out to run some errands, I stopped at another Timmy H's drive thru to get my free fix.

But since I had never won before, I wasn't sure how to proceed. Do I give them the entire cup? Just the part I unrolled with my teeth? Do I tell them at the speaker? Or do I simply present it at the window?

(These are the types of questions that torment my brain with regularity in nearly all everyday circumstances that require human interaction outside of my home. I am one tragedy away from agoraphobia. )

Anyway, my normal modus operandi would be to just forget the whole ordeal and pay the buck forty for the stupid thing as to avoid any awkward social interaction.

Not this time. I am committed to personal growth in the area of my social anxiety!

Prior to leaving the house, I had placed the entire cup into a ziploc baggie so that the employee wouldn't have to come in contact with my leftover coffee and saliva. How thoughtful of me!

Then, I ordered my coffee at the speaker- medium with double cream. I then pulled forward to the window where I proceeded to have the following conversation:

ME: I won a free coffee in the Roll Up the Rim contest...(insecurely holding up the cup in a baggie for the employee to see).

HIM: Just tear off the rim and hand it to me.

ME: (removing it from the bag, tearing off the piece I had pried up with my teeth and handing it to him...slightly horrified that he was okay with taking the portion that had been in my mouth with his naked hand.) Sorry...this is my first time winning anything in this contest and I wasn't sure what to do...

HIM: (with exuberant sincerity handing me my hard earned coffee) Well, congratulations!!! You have a great day.

As I drove away, I realized that my interaction/conversation with the employee was something my mother-in-law would have done. I was simultaneously amused and horrified.

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