21 March 2010

See you sometime next week...maybe

Life =
-Friday & Saturday: Grand Rapids working in the office of Fine Arts Festival
-Sunday: Church, Department Director Meeting, prepare for week
-Monday: drop Kayla off at school, Grocery shop, baby sitter, doctor appointment, pick up kids, dinner, swimming lesson for Kayla
-Tuesday: drop Kayla off at school, lead Bible study, meeting with a department director; work on ministry stuff, pick Karis up from sitter, pick Kayla up from school
-Wednesday: drop Kayla off at school, swimming lesson for Karis, work on Hillcrest Mission Trip stuff, pick up Kayla, dinner, church
-Thursday: "Muffins with Mom" at Kayla's school, pick Kayla up from school, baby sitter, sectional council business meeting and banquet ....

Eh...you don't really care...do you?

When does the "stay-at-home" part of stay-at-home-mom kick in?

I need a nap.

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