24 April 2010

Connect Grow Serve

I am so excited that the Connection Center at Freedom is completed!

I believe that those people who felt led to donate to this project will be pleased. And so many people have worked tirelessly to make this happen - from making color decisions, to shopping, to installing, to managing details, to training...the list could (and does) go on and on.

Last night, I stopped by the church to see the completed task before its "unveiling" on Sunday. I had a reaction that I didn't anticipate: It took my breath away and I got the chills. I'm not a visionary by nature, so I don't get excited about stuff really easily. I'm task and detail oriented. But I'm finding that I'm get emotionally moved more and more by things tied to a bigger picture. Its a God-thing, obviously.

Aaron was just quiet (VERY unlike him) and a little choked up (VERY like him).

Here's the explanation for our emotional responses:

Many people may think that we're just trying to fit into a trend that has become common within churches. But that is not the case. This has been a dream of ours long before we even moved into the building at 41380 Ryan Rd. Aaron and I believe that this cafe fits into the vision of our church.

It will redirect the flow of traffic between and after services into a location that is warm, inviting and conducive to relationship building and strengthening. It creates an environment that makes one just want to "hang out" and spend time with others over a cup of coffee - or an Arnold Palmer. Classes and Life Groups will meet here. The college group will have their Bible Study here. The youth group will hang out here. It will create more opportunities for people to serve in ministries within the church.

To us, its not just a room remodel. And neither was the renovation of the childrens' areas. Its all part of vision and really going "all out" in an effort to facilitate that vision.

Connect. Grow. Serve.

P.S. I'm not posting pictures, because I want you to come on out and see it for yourself! Sunday at 9 or 11 a.m.! ;)


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

That is very exciting!! I think every church needs a room like that.

L0r@ said...

Sounds like it'll be a great space! Jason said it looks really cool (not sure if he saw it when it was "finished" or if it was still in the process of being finished). You'll have to post pictures now that the big unveiling has occurred! :

chilly said...

so cool!!

will the cafe offer strawberry fraps w/ whip (for the sr. pastor)?