11 May 2010

Brain Dump Tuesday

The Engage Ladies Shopping Day at Partridge Creek on Saturday proved to be quite productive: two cute pairs of jeans, two sassy summer tops, one darling umbrella and three dangly necklaces all for a reasonable sum of money.

Mother's Day was amazing. I was the recipient of two unique and separate gift certificates for various spa and hair/nail services. (Thank you Husband and Spawn. And thanks, Daddy!)

Also, my husband gave me the opportunity to speak at Freedom Christian on Mother's Day...I think the podcast will be up some time this week.

I was pretty stoked that today's miserable weather enabled me to use the really cute umbrella I bought at H&M over the weekend.

I love my Bible study ladies. The second and fourth Tuesdays of the month are my favorites.

This evening, I enjoyed playing Candyland and Elefun with my girls.

Kayla & I love to play board games. So, tonight, we attempted to indoctrinate her sister with a couple of simple games. I'm thinking we have a lot of work to do on that Karis. Each time she picked a Candyland card, we asked her what color it was. Her answer, no matter the color, was, "Ummmmmm.....bwue (blue)." Then she'd knock the playing pieces off the board and laugh. Elefun consisted of throwing the butterflies everywhere while scream-laughing hysterically.

Oh well.

Kayla and I have begun reading the Junie B. Jones books. My extremely principled daughter is horrified that I would want her to read books with "so many bad words" (i.e. "dumb," "stupid," "hate.") However, she did laugh pretty hard when Junie B. declared that she'd teach her baby "monkey brother" how not to bite and kill people.

That particular little girl of mine will be six years old in under a month. For her birthday gift this year, we're renovating her room to make it more "grown up." She selected the colors - crazy shades of shocking pink and Pepto-Bismol pink. As she snuggled down in her bed last night in the room that pink threw up in, she declared, "I feel just like a princess."

Well, I really should be proofreading a document for my husband before he gets home from a late meeting...

Stay classy, Warren.


Netta said...

Courtney & Zoe loved Junie B. Jones books!
And they've all lived in crazy-shades-of-pink-rooms!
Aww... little girls!
Love you!

Work in progress said...

Hi! My husband and I go to Freedom, have for about five years or so. We are "those" people whom everyone keeps coming up to and asking if we are new. Shame we never get the gifts when we are asked. :-) Anyway, we are part of Dave and Teisha's life group and (being Chi Alpha grads) we are very excited that Freedom has gone in this direction. We have been waiting for it, as a way to get connected to the body. Teisha has talked about your blog, so I am glad I found it! I loved, loved, loved your mother's day sermon and look forward to following your blog.