27 May 2010

Shh....Don't tell my husband...

Oh wait. Never mind. He'll see my descent into the abyss tomorrow when he mows the lawn.

I "garbage-picked" today. And what's more, apparently I'm proud of the fact because here I am telling all 7 of my readers out here in the middle of cyberspace.

Here's how it went down:

The girls and I took a lovely evening stroll through the 'hood while Aaron was at his monthly board meeting. As we rounded the bend, there they were, set by the curb of an elderly neighbor around the corner's home: five perfectly good, forest green, molded plastic patio chairs.

Without thinking, I hurried the girls back home, jumped in the van and returned to the site of my find. I pulled up to the curb and got out to inspect the chairs. I did all of this on brain autopilot. It was like a gene that had long lay dormant kicked in. And yes, it IS genetic. Paternally genetic. (I'll say no more since the provider of said gene reads this blog.)

Then the gravity of what I was about to do hit me. Hard.

I got back into the driver's seat of my vehicle and began to think about the activity in which I was about to participate: Garbage picking. In broad daylight. While people were in their yards. Was I seriously going to do this???

"What are we doing here, Mom? Do you know these people? Why are we just sitting here?" a concerned voice from the backseat asked.

And then I was resolute. Heck, yes, I was going to do this.

"I'm taking these chairs, Kayla."

"Isn't that stealing?"

"No honey, the people are throwing them out."

So I popped the hatch and proceeded to maneuver the five chairs into the back of my van.

Then much to my chagrin, the elderly owner of these rescued treasures was suddenly standing on the sidewalk. An extremely awkward conversation (on my part of course, because I'm socially inept) transpired in which the quality of the chairs was verified and an offer of a matching table was made - which I politely declined. I cordially thanked him and we said our goodbyes.

Then I jumped into the van and headed home.

"You're just like an alley cat, Mom," Kayla declared. "You go through garbage."

And I couldn't argue with that. But who cares? I've got some nice patio chairs. I might start doing this on a regular basis.

Then again, maybe I won't.


Mary Beth said...

Hey ALLEY CAT JAIME... (that is so hysterical!)

I have some really sweet white iron chairs that grace my front porch courtesy of Becky's garbage picking. My friend Rose DeRita just got a beautiful patio table from someone garbage. I am looking for a grill... so if you see one we can go alley catting together~!

Work in progress said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

This had me cracking up! I love that your daughter compared you to an alley cat. Now you can do a follow up blog about the wonderful things you did with someone's trash. One of those "trash to treasure" pieces. :-)

Lois said...

Ally cat, eh? She's so funny!! I must say we have a few items at home... I distinctly remember Shawn coming home, making a ton of noise as he drove up the driveway...that's because he was hanging out the driver's window as he dragged a rolling desk chair down the street and around the neighborhood!! Turned out to be a massage chair that works!!

Nina Bunk said...

i am not proud of it, but i got a little tikes toy box, it is awesome!! it is practically brand new!!!

Netta said...

I'm all about dumpster diving! Way to go!

Actually, I love to drive through nice, giant apartment complexes to find their collective garbage area. We've found wonderful things that way... lamps, rugs (that were neatly wrapped & laying OUTSIDE the garbage, in hopes that some unashamed soul like myself would rescue them!)

The first time I went digging through someone's garbage was in Philly area about 9 yrs. ago. Out of extreme guilt I actually went to the front door of the house & asked permission to take something out of his garbage. He looked at me like I was the biggest fool in the world and gruffly said, "It's in the garbage, isn't it? Take it if you want it."

ha! So, I've never asked for permission again!

And, if your girls are anything like mine, they'll get over "the shame" the day THEY see something they just love sitting alone & abandoned in someone else's garbage heap!