02 September 2010

The method to our madness...I think....

Several days ago I posted on Facebook a strange conversation between me and Aaron, that I now refer to as "The Barbie Man Exchange." For those of you who may not know what I'm talking about, here it is:

Aaron: So I deleted that weird picture of Kayla's Barbie Man off my phone...
Me: Barbie Man? What in the world? Do you mean Ken doll?
Aaron: Uh...yeah...Ken doll... Don't put that on Facebook, okay?

And while it generated at least 15 comments of mockery, not one person asked why Aaron had a weird picture of a Ken doll on his phone in the first place. And that concerns me for all of your sanity as well as ours.

Disclaimer regarding sanity: This case of mistaken identity is coming from the people who, while riding on the ferry to Ellis Island in NYC, thought this man was David Hasselhoff :

So much so, that Aaron crept into the picture with him:

With that said, today, after over a month of cyber silence from "The life I I never dreamed of..." I bring you "The Explanation of the Weird Picture of a Ken Doll (aka Barbie Man)."

Flash back to February, when the makers of Old Spice delighted us with this amazing commercial and then several subsequent commercials that were just as awesome:

Aaron and I love these commercials. A lot.

Now flash side ways, LOST-style, or something like that to the second week of August. I went to Hot Springs, AR to lead a missions trip to the Hillcrest Children's Home. On the second day of my trip, I received a picture text from my husband. And while the actual picture I've posted looks nothing like the man in the Old Spice commercial, imagine viewing it grainy and pixelated (like those pictures of Sasquatch that you see on the internet) on a tiny, pay-as-you-go, piece of junk phone. It could be anyone, right? Plus, it had the deceptive caption I've posted as well. (Keep in mind the aforementioned Hasselhoff mistaken identity):

Look at your man, now back at me....

After seeing the horribly grainy, pixelated, famous-picture-of-the-Sasquatchesque picture text on my phone, I was slightly concerned that the Old Spice man was baby sitting my daughters while I was in Arkansas.

Upon my arrival home to temperatures below 105 degrees, I asked to see the picture Aaron had taken from his Droid. And the photo was much clearer and looked nothing like the Old Spice man. I told him that he was weird and ridiculous. But for some reason, at that point he didn't delete the photo.

Several days ago, he finally chose to do so, and thus "The Barbie Man Exchange" was born.

Aren't you glad that you waited over a month for this?


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

HAHA!!!! That ia hilarious!! I was wondering why he had a picture of Ken on his phone. But, since he has kids, I figured someone got a hold of his phone. Speaking of this, I better go check my phone...

Lois said...

It was worth the wait!! Your stories are so realistic that they crack me up!! Miss you guys!

Netta said...

But the thing that makes me question my OWN sanity the most is that I actually followed this explaination...flashbacks, side-ways and all!
Love you guys!

Work in progress said...

This post has me laughing on several fronts...first the picture of Aaron behind the fake David Hasselhoff (who I am sure can sigh relief that he is NOT actually D.H.) is hilarious, fun insight into my Pastor. :) Also, we also love those Old Spice commercials; they are the best! And the cell phone pic of the Barbie man~ I can't decide if that is hilarious or just creepy...or maybe hilarious because it's creepy?!? :-D I can say that I hope Chad and I get to know you both better; you are clearly our kind of people! :)

L0r@ said...

I love it. I love the whole thing. I especially love the face Aaron is making in the picture with Faux David Hasselhoff. :)