05 October 2010

Round Two...

Okay...so today I began seriously potty training Karis for the second time. I attempted this feat last Spring and it was an epic failure.

I'm praying this time will be better.

I bought her Pirate Potty (yes, she wanted Pirate Potty and not Princess Potty...oh well...)

She went on the toilet once this morning and is now rockin' Sesame Street while wearing My Little Pony undies (I decided to totally forgo Pull Ups and just allow her to feel her shame. Kidding...the Pull Ups were pointless last time. So I covered my couches with garbage bags and beach towels in the event of any accidents.)

I won't even begin to horrify you with the details of the monumental tantrum she threw when I put the underwear on her. Strong willed is an understatement...oh, I'm sorry, my pediatrician prefers the word "spirited." Whatever phrase you use, simply put, Karis likes life on her terms.

Anyway, she'll be three in less than a month. And I'm sorry, but her poop is like that of an adult man and I'm getting to the point of nearly dry heaving every time I change her diaper. I'm so ready to be done.

Karis, let's do this thing.


Deanna said...

Good luck!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

BWAHAHA!!!!! you crack me up!! Good luck today.

Deena Weinand said...

OMGoodness! I just laughed so hard I almost spit food out! :) I so hope that she accepts this quick for your sake!!

Work in progress said...

This had me cracking up! I found myself grateful that prior to giving birth to Caedryn, I had been working in home health care changing some seriously artful adult diapers; they made whatever C. could produce pale in comparison. Even knowing her diapers will get worse with the intro of solid foods, she still won't be able to compete with the adults. Also an important life lesson was learned: pregnancy is not a good time to be dealing with adult diapers. Not at all. I may have set a record for number of times puking in my own mouth. (had to maintain an air of professionalism and all :)) I should call Guiness.