19 October 2010

Two Way Conversations...

I am notorious for not actively participating in conversations with my family. In my defense, you have to understand that there is so much "conversation" that occurs in my home on a daily basis, that I have to go to my silent happy place with regularity. I am an introvert - I need my "me time."

Anyway, Aaron will finish a monologue, and then pause with anticipation. And then pick up with, "Really? You don't have anything to say to that?"

And generally I'll say, "No...I don't. I think you pretty much have it all figured out. What more can I add?"

Its a really nasty habit I need to work on.

Yesterday, while doing my homework for the Bible Study I'm leading, I was convicted in yet another area where I tend to let the conversation be one-sided.

The author of the Study said,

When you read the Bible, the God of the universe is talking to you. So, what should you do in response? Talk back! God is looking for a two-way conversation. When we read God's Word and pause here and there to say something to Him in response, we are participating in a dialogue with the Divine!

And then she offered some really practical examples of doing so:

1. While reading a passage that speaks of God's greatness, majesty or power, worship Him for a moment and ask Him to help you see Him more readily for who He is.

2. When a passage is difficult or confusing, tell God that and then ask Him to help you understand what it means.

3. If you read something that you want to believe but you don't, ask Him to help increase your faith.

4. When a passage reminds you of another's need, take that moment to pray for the individual.

5. While reading a passage describing wonderful things He's done for you, thank Him. Tell Him what His work in your behalf has done for you. If you feel like crying, don't just cry about Him. Cry to Him! Tell Him how deeply He touches your heart.

God is looking for a two-way conversation. Am I willing to participate in it today? I am going to be more intentional about doing so.

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