23 November 2010

The coyote problem in Warren, MI

Karisism: A phrase, word, name, place, quotation that my youngest daughter says incorrectly in the same manner as her father.

Today our car was stopped at a red light on the way out of the subdivision. Three besweatered (yes, I made that word up - besweatered: wearing a sweater) chihuahaus barked their fool heads off at us.

"Oh mommy! Look at those little doggies! I LOVE dem! Da one in da red shirt is my favorite! What are those doggies called?" Karis exclaimed.

"Oh...those are chihuahuas," I deadpanned. I hate chihuahuas, by the way.

Karis continued on with a lengthy monologue praising the attributes of the besweatered canines. Her final sentence emphatically brought her thoughts to a close, "I LOVE those coyotes."

"Chihuahuas, Karis. Not coyotes."

"Oh yeah. Dat's right."

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